In St Louis Grammar School, the Mathematics Department seeks to establish a sound mathematical foundation of skills, understanding and knowledge for each and every pupil. In order to achieve this each pupil should be engaged, throughout the mathematics program, in a wide range of purposeful activities suited to his or her individual ability, aptitude and maturity.

With this pupil-centred approach, it is our aim that each child should regularly experience individual success in Mathematics, thereby developing confidence in their own abilities and a positive attitude towards the subject. All our students can then perform to the best of their ability.

Specific Aims

It is the aim of the Mathematics Department to encourage pupils to:

  • undertake a mathematics program which will build on and enhance current understanding and knowledge and in addition lay foundations for their future progress;
  • acquire a foundation appropriate to a further study of Mathematics and its application to other disciplines;
  • develop personal qualities and positive attitudes which will include perseverance, independence of mind, willingness to work with others and self-confidence;
  • develop their mathematical abilities by considering problems, conducting individual and co-operative enquiry and experiment, including pieces of work of a practical and investigative kind;
  • develop their mathematical knowledge and oral, written and practical skills in a manner which encourages confidence;
  • develop the ability to interpret relevant factors and, where necessary, select an appropriate Mathematical method to solve problems;
  • develop an awareness of how important mathematics is in the world around us
  • experience a sense of purpose, enjoyment and achievement within their Mathematics lessons;
  • progress further in their acquirement of ICT skills, which are relevant and useful in the context of their overall mathematical development. This in turn should compliment and enhance their learning and liking of Mathematics.


Mrs H McToal (Head of Department)

Miss B Canavan

Mr D Boyd

Mrs E Casey

Mrs S McCarry

Mrs J McClintock

Miss A McKeown

Mr M McLernon

Mr N McNicholl

Miss S Warnock