Business Studies & Economics

The Business Studies & Economics Department at St. Louis Grammar School is dedicated to providing pupils with exciting and up to date business knowledge and experience and strives to ensure that all students have the best learning experience through passionate and dedicated staff.

Business Studies covers all aspects of business activity from marketing human resources to accounting and finance. Students are provided with the opportunity to develop problem solving, communication and team working skills. In the Business Studies Department, students are encouraged to increase their awareness of current business affairs. Business theory learnt in lessons is always applied to real life examples.

It is the aim of the Business Studies Department to instill passion in our students. We provide opportunities for pupils to also learn outside the classroom with regular visits to major businesses like Tayto and Creagh Concrete in order to learn about their operations, interview managers and apply what they are learning in the classroom.

Economics is delivered to both AS and A2 Levels. Students of Economics study how individuals and groups of people make choices about what to do with their limited resources.

Economics is, therefore, not just about money, business and the stock market. Though these are important aspects of the subject, economics also deals with wider social and environmental issues including climate change, globalisation, sustainable development and the distribution of income and wealth.

Students of economics develop a host of practical and transferable skills that benefit them in education and in the world of work. These include critical investigation, analytical thinking, oral and written communication, numeracy, research, ICT and handling of data. What's more, the potential earnings for students with a degree in Economics are among the highest for all graduates.

The department believes personalised learning is an essential ingredient to help pupils achieve their best. Pupils are encouraged to ask for help, give feedback and work with the teacher to ensure their learning preference is provided. Pupils are given many opportunities to work in groups, present information, work independently and carry out peer and self-assessment.

The Business Studies & Economics Department is a rapidly growing department made up of Business Studies, Economics and BTEC Business.

Extra Curricular Activities

There are many extra-curricular activities available for Business Studies students. Some of which include:

Year 11/12 Mini Enterprise Group - This is an introductory Enterprise Group which satisfies the passion of our young Business entrepreneurs. The Enterprise Groups often make substantial profit levels producing and selling products for the Christmas, Valentines and Easter Markets.

Creagh Concrete Visit - Pupils are given a tour of the Creagh factory and are invited to interview their enterprising managers.

Tayto NI Visit - Pupils are given a tour of their premises and are invited to interview their enterprising managers.

Generation Innovation - Pupils are selected to represent the NISP Generation Innovation Group in Northern Ireland.

NI Schools Business Challenge - launched by Queen’s University Management School. This initiative is aimed at Year 13 students with the objectives of supporting the NI Business curriculum and to facilitate the development of pupil’s business skills and knowledge in an enjoyable and interactive forum.

Pupils are also given the opportunity to enter a number of competitions both internal and external to the school.


Mrs L Mc Cann (Head of Department)

Mrs D Burns

Mrs C McCloskey

Mrs B McGreevy

Miss N McKendry