Art & Design

The Art and Design and Moving Image Arts Department at St Louis Grammar is dedicated to nurturing and celebrating the best of every student that passes through our school and department. From Year 8 through to Year 14 every student has access to the widest breadth of artistic mediums; painting, print-making, photography, film making, fashion and textiles, sculpture and ceramics. We ensure to provide opportunities for pupils to also learn outside the classroom with regular visits to major exhibitions, workshops and work placements within the field of Art and Design.

It is the aim of the Art and Design and Moving Image Arts Department to provide students with skills in developing personal projects, the art of making and designing, self-motivation and independent learning. Throughout their studies pupils will gain an understanding of the standards required to carry them into 3rd level education or into their chosen profession.

Teaching Strategies

Our dedicated and passionate team of teachers and technician understand the importance of differentiation to ensure that every child can access the Art curriculum in a fun yet purposeful and relevant way.

Inclusion is at the heart of everything we plan and deliver to ensure that all pupils reach their full potential in this subject. In doing this we employ a range of active learning and teaching strategies that keep pupils motivated and inspired in their work. Lessons and schemes of work are differentiated carefully to ensure that those with special educational needs are catered for and higher ability are challenged. This happens through the implementation of a range of strategies that include; one to one guidance, stepped activities , differentiated activities, individual target setting and extension activities, amongst others.

In every scheme of work pupils are given regular opportunities to use self and peer evaluation, allowing them to examine their own work and the work of others. Using assessment for learning strategies pupils are able to set themselves targets that are challenging yet achievable.

Pupils gain knowledge of historical and contemporary Art practice and theory within the context of an actual project. Pupils use the knowledge they have gained from traditional and contemporary Artists to influence their work and final pieces.

Pupils attend regular workshops by practicing Artists, this helps to engage pupils by learning specialised skills. Through these workshops pupils also gain an understanding of professional practise in Art and Design.

Effective use of ICT

ICT is an integral part of learning and teaching in the Art Department. At all key stages Using ICT is incorporated into every scheme of work to ensure pupils gain competent and confident skills in numerous ICT applications such as Photoshop, I Movies, Final Cut Express and Microsoft Paint.

The Art Department have a newly refurbished Apple Mac suite which Moving Image Arts pupils use for Film Editing, A Level, GCSE and Key Stage 3 pupils use it for Photoshop, animation and project research.


The Art and Design Programme for Key Stage 3 is organised to build on the work of the primary school. Pupils are involved in projects that allow them to experiment with and gain skills in a range of media such as ceramics, textiles, paint, print, graphic design and collage, amongst many others. This provides a strong foundation which pupils can build on for GCSE.

At Key Stage 4 the Art Programme for the Year 11 and 12 pupils is planned to provide an interesting and challenging course with increased opportunities for pupils to work independently on individual projects.

GCSE pupils are following the CCEA specification for Art and Design. In this course pupils complete 2 units of work (coursework 60 % and exam 40%). In the coursework pupils complete 2 projects in which they experiment with a number of ideas and a range of media as well as complete research on relevant Artists. This leads further development of ideas that culminates in a final piece for each project. The GCSE exam is externally set, pupils are given a theme for which they create a body of work and final piece. The final piece is completed in a 10 hour period under examination conditions.

For Years 13-14 the A Level Art and Design Programme is planned to provide a broad well-balanced and coordinated course. Through practical work, students acquire competence and confidence in planning projects, working independently and in communicating, presenting and evaluating their ideas. During these years pupils are given valuable experience and a sound foundation for further education and employment.

Moving Image Arts

Moving Image Arts is delivered at A Level. This A Level follows the CCEA specification. During this A Level pupils will learn and develop skills in the art and process of film making. Pupils will also gain analytical skills through the study of film. This innovative subject is challenging yet fun. Pupils will create 2 films over the course of the 2 years and will develop skills and understanding in planning, filming, editing, creating sound and lighting, preparing sets and props, working with actors, animation techniques, special effects and many more!

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Extra Curricular Activities

The Art Department offer an open door policy for GCSE and A Level pupils to avail of, where pupils can stay after school for one to one support and guidance with their coursework.

Junk Kouture workshops: During this workshop pupils design and make garments made from recycled materials that are highly innovative and imaginative. These pieces of fashion are entered to the national Junk Kouture competition where pupils model their work in a highly professional fashion show.

Enterprise Art Group: This group includes pupils from all year groups. It is predominantly led by A Level Art pupils, who organise workshops with Key stage 3 and 4 pupils in making crafts for sale. The money raised goes towards buying resources for the department or taking pupils involved on an Art trip.

Throughout the year we offer after school workshops to all key stages in the use of clay and film editing. Pupils are also given the opportunity to enter a number of competitions on a regular basis, many are external competitions. This gives the opportunity for the students to see themselves and their work in a wider context and appreciate the quality of the standards they are achieving. Often this can bring great publicity and monetary reward to students.


Mrs F McAuley (Acting Head of Department)

Mrs E McDonald

Mr T McMenamin


Mrs C Donnelly (Art Technician)

Miss G Lennon (Expressive Arts Centre Technician and Teaching Support)