This qualification will prepare learners for direct employment in the construction sector or progression to a higher level of study. The course requires applied learning that brings together knowledge and understanding with practical and technical skills. This is achieved through learners performing vocational tasks that encourage the development of appropriate vocational behaviours and transferable skills such as the use of AutoCAD and surveying instruments. These transferable skills help to develop better communication, teamwork, planning and completing tasks to high standards, which are valued in both the workplace and in higher education.

Engineering Principles - External Unit (32 Points)

Delivery of Engineering Processes Safely as a Team - Internal Unit (16 Points)

Engineering Product Design & Manufacture - External Unit (32 Points)

Computer Aided Design in Engineering - Internal Unit (16 Points)

External Assessment (33%)

A task set and marked by Pearson and completed under supervised conditions. The supervised assessment is in a specified session timetabled by BTEC with a written submission of evidence.

Internal Assessment (67%)

An assignment is a distinct activity completed independently by learners that is separate from teaching activities that learners complete with direction from teachers.


Mr K Convery (Head of Department)

Mr C McNaughton (Co-Ordinator for Construction & Engineering)

Miss E Lavery

Mrs C McFadden