School Shop

St Louis has a school shop which is located on the canteen corridor. It stocks additional St Louis clothing and stationery items.

The shop is open every day at break time - 10:35am to 10:55am

The items stocked and prices are listed below:

Item Item Cost
School Scarf £16.95
School Coat £33
School Jumper £26
School Hat £10
School Mask £2
Football Gloves £12 per pair
Junior Gum Shields £8
Hand Balls £4
Hurling Grips £2
School Socks (Midi) £7 per pair
School Shorts (white/blue) 28" - 34" £5

Stationery Items

Item Item Cost
4GB USB £4
Bic 4-colour pen (blue or green) £2.40
Button file £1
Calculator (FX-991EX-S) £20
Calculator (FX-83GT) £10
Coloured zip folder 50p
Colouring pencils £2.40
Compass 80p
Dividers (10 part) £1
Erasers £1
Highlighters £1.00 per 4 pack/30p each
Pencil 50p
Pens (red/green/black/blue) 20p
Plastic data file 30p
Post It Notes (Large yellow) £1
Post It Notes (Square colour) 50p
Protractor 20p
Pritt Stick Small £1/Large £2.40
Ruler 50p
Sharpener 20p
White Board Marker 50p