Celebrating Success

Britain’s Gymnastics Disability Competition

On Saturday the 19th of November, I attended the British Gymnastics Disability competition in Cardiff.

My goal in this competition was to try my hardest and prove to everybody that with a lifelong illness you can still achieve your dreams. With a lot of dedication within the gym, I trained my hardest for eight hours a week, to come home with five gold medals on every piece including floor, vault, bars, beam and all around British Junior Champion. I really enjoyed my time spent in Wales with my team mates and my wonderful coach. My mum was supporting me through all my routines, and I knew my best friend and all of my other supporters were rooting for me back at home by watching every minute of the live stream. I think it’s a great opportunity to be part of and I cant wait to go back next year.

Julia Babuszewska 11 Lurig

On Saturday, November 19th, I competed in the Disability British Gymnastics Championships in Cardiff. I flew over with my Mum, teammates and coach and competed in four apparatuses (bars, beam, vault and floor). I was very nervous, but once my nerves settled, I really enjoyed myself. My goal was to do my routines successfully and enjoy the experience. I didn’t expect to win anything, as it was such a big competition, but I came home with a bronze medal on bars and silver medal on floor. It proves that hard work and dedication pays off.

I attend Valdez Gymnastics Club in Ballymena and train for eight hours per week. I increased my training to 12 hours for the 5 weeks leading up to the competition. I hope I inspire other children with Type One Diabetes or any other physical or hidden disability. The whole weekend was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to attend the Championship again next year.

Carla O'Brien, 8 Lir

Schools Cup Football All-Star Award!

Congratulations to Year 8 student Eóin Lorcan Bradley and Year 10 students Eunan Curry and Domhnall McKay on being nominated and winning the first ever Antrim Schools Cup Football All-Star Awards!

As a result of winning an Antrim Schools Cup All-Star the players were invited to a Celebration Event in St Marys University College on Thursday 1st December. They also received their own unique All-Star jerseys for their outstanding achievement.

Eóin was a key member for the Year 8 team that competed well in their group stage games but narrowly missed out on a semi final spot. He played as a forward, taking excellent scores aswell as displaying some eye catching runs.

Eunan and Domhnall played an integral part in the St Louis defence at both full back and centre half back where they recieved their All-Stars. Although the team were defeated in the final, both players stood out for their strong performances. The Year 10 team are into the final stages of the Ulster football competition with Eunan and Domhnall playing crucial roles in this progress.

Well done to all three players for their achievements and we hope to see more awards from the boys in the future.