Outstanding Learning & Teaching is one of the constant key aims in St Louis, which has led to our commitment to the Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme delivered by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust. St Louis first embarked on the TEEP programme in 2017 and since then the TEEP model of learning & teaching has been fully embedded in our classrooms, planning and staff professional development. TEEP is a learning & teaching framework that is proven to improve teaching and school outcomes. It draws on significant research, best practice and evidence that has identified what is required of teachers and learners in order to gain the best learning outcomes possible. The TEEP framework provides insight into inspiring and effective teaching strategies, which nurture lifelong learners and improve pedagogical practice.

The TEEP framework is now the established learning & teaching model within all St Louis’ classrooms. All our staff are TEEP Level 1 trained, 13 members of staff are TEEP Level 2 trained, with a further 16 members undergoing training this academic year, and 4 members of staff are TEEP Level 3 trained. A vibrant culture of professional development and collaboration exists in St Louis, with the use of the TEEP Resource Room and a Learning & Teaching Twitter account for planning and sharing ideas, Continued Professional Development provided regularly to all staff by the TEEP Learning & Teaching Committee, TEEP mentors for new teachers and Sharing of Best Practice Days for all staff. Through these initiatives we ensure that TEEP is ever at the forefront of our practice and we are constantly learning, to provide our pupils with the highest possible standards of learning & teaching.

We remain the first and only post primary school in Northern Ireland to have all staff TEEP Level 1 trained and a large cohort of staff Level 2 & 3 trained, and are proud to be leading the way and helping to shape the educational landscape of Northern Ireland.