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Careers Convention

7th November 2023

Pupils attended a Careers Convention hosted by St Louis Grammar School on Thursday 26th October. The event was a resounding success, with the participation of over thirty local and global companies, as well as Further and Higher Level Institutions. The event provided an excellent opportunity for St Louis pupils and their parents to explore diverse career pathways and to learn about Higher Level Apprenticeship opportunities.

The Careers Convention enabled pupils to engage with professionals from various industries and gain valuable insights into potential career pathways. Pupils asked questions, sought advice, and this broadened their understanding of the job market. This opportunity allowed pupils to find out and understand the importance of acquiring relevant qualifications and skills for future success.

Employers and educational representatives were delighted to engage with pupils and their parents, offering years of experience and advice on career routes. Their expertise on the world of work and skills in demand, provided an invaluable insight into the various careers and career pathways that young people can investigate further.

It was promising to see how all the pupils at the Careers Convention demonstrated a keen interest in and active engagement in the event, showcasing their drive to explore different career options and make informed decisions on their future in the world of work.