Formed in 2013, the Friends of St Louis was set up as an association for past pupils and friends of St Louis to network and to support the development of the school. Registered as an independent charity (Reg Charity No. NIC100223) the Friends of St Louis exists to;

  • Promote the well-being of the student population of St Louis Grammar School Ballymena
  • Introduce families and friends of past and present students from various locations to the group
  • Establish a stream of funding to help with the school community development in both curricular resources and extra-curricular activities

The Friends of St Louis organises a number of events in conjunction with the school every year. These events support the development of St Louis and also provide a series of networking opportunities for our alumni to keep in touch with each other and the wider St Louis family.

To find out more about the Friends of St Louis and get involved please sign up to their mailing list here.