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For the last few years, Mr Gillan has organised a trip to see Manchester United play at Old Trafford.  This usually takes place in December and is for the pupils in Year 9.  Pupils are transported by coach to Dublin port where they travel across on the ferry.  Depending on the day and time of the fixture, the Manchester United trip usually includes shopping time, a visit to the Manchester United Mega Store, a trip to the cinema and bed and breakfast at a hotel over the course of the weekend.


Planning for the trip usually starts when the pupils are in Year 8 and has proven to be a very popular and enjoyable opportunity for students in their early years in St Louis.




The St Louis Ski Trip is a bi-annual event and offered to pupils in Year 10 but the planning and organisation of the trip begins when students are in Year 9.

The Ski Trip is a very popular trip with over 90 pupils participating in each trip in recent years.  Previous destinations have seen St Louis groups travelling to San Valentino, Artesina, Folgaria (Italy) and Ehrwald in Austria. A typical ski trip includes four hours of lessons for six days with pupils progressing up the mountains as their skiing ability improves!  Apr├Ęs-ski activities vary depending on resorts but usually include ice skating, disco, pizza night, pool competitions, movie/cinema nights. The focus of their lessons will usually enable them to take part in a slalom race on Thursday afternoon and certificates presented on a Friday afternoon to all participants.  The ski trip is one of the highlights for a pupil during their time in St Louis! 


For the first time in a number of years, the PE Department organised a Water Sports Trip in 2014.  This is also a bi-annual trip and in May, over 80 pupils and staff from St Louis travelled to Lou Valagran in the south of France for a five-day Water Sports Trip. 

In June 2016, due to political unrest in Europe, the planned trip to the south of France was diverted to Dalguise in Scotland. 69 students enjoyed 5 days of activities including rope/climbing challenges, zip wire, mountain biking, canoeing and abseiling.  The weather was ideal throughout the trip and everyone enjoyed the experience!

In June 2019, over 90 Year 10 pupils will travel to La Fosca in Spain for a week long Water Sports Trip.  As well as the usual water based activities, pupils will enjoy a sight-seeing trip to Barcelona and a day at a local water park.


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