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Study Skills and Exam Prep

Sixth Form Study Skills

Developing effective and efficient study skills in sixth form students at St. Louis Grammar School is essential for promoting independent learning which can be used at this level of education and beyond. The Sixth Former has to learn quickly how to be independent, to manage their time, to meet assignment deadlines, to write essays and take notes from directed reading. 


Learn Spark were invited to St. Louis on Thursday 25th October to present Advanced Study Skills to Upper Sixth Students.

The course provided students with highly effective thinking and learning techniques, strategies and approaches that will allow them to reach the depth of understanding required for advanced-level qualifications. It showed them how to strengthen their memory, develop their higher-order thinking skills and how to manage their stress and build resilience.

Key areas that were explored:

·         Attitudes and confidence.

·         Memory and deepening understanding.

·         Higher-order thinking skills.

·         Managing stress and building resilience.


It was a fantastic day full of useful techniques enabling students to study effectively with lots of fun included too! 





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