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Pastoral Care



St Louis Grammar School has always regarded the pastoral care of its pupils as a matter of great importance.


Pupils who are experiencing difficulties will receive support from Form Teachers, Head of Year, Mrs McGreevy and Head of Pastoral Care, Mrs O’Neill. Independent counselling is also available from the Family Works counsellors who are in school every Wednesday and Thursday.


The school nurse, Louisa, is always available in the event of illness.


Pupil Health and Wellbeing prefects are available to assist staff with the pastoral provision of students and will keep you up to date with pupil health and wellbeing activities and information.


At St. Louis Grammar School, we believe that all students have the right to be educated in an environment where there is mutual respect and co-operation. Bullying is contrary to this approach and we will not tolerate it. All reported incidents will be investigated. If you think you are being bullied, tell someone. All incidences of bullying should be reported to Form Teachers and/or Year Head. If you cannot do this, ask your parents to contact the school. If you feel that you cannot go straight to an adult, Anti-Bullying Prefects, are available in the Committee room, located in the Canteen corridor, every Wednesday at breaktime.


It is common to feel overwhelmed with the pressure of A level study at times. Remember you are not alone, and any problem can be fixed. The door is always open to discuss any issues you may have. It is important to make sure you give yourself time to relax and have fun outside of study. Talk to others if you are feeling anxious.


Get plenty of sleep and do not work right up until the last minute as your mind needs time to wind down before you sleep. It is important to work on homework/coursework as soon as you get it as leaving things to the last minute will cause stress and anxiety.


The Form teachers are displayed below. 


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