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In addition to the dedicated teaching staff, Sixth Form students at St. Louis have access to a wealth of resources. All students have access to C2K computer technology in their study room and in the Sixth Form ICT suite. Students also have access to laptops and wi-fi printers.


Students have access to a fully stocked library with computer facilities for independent research. The library is organised and monitored by a qualified librarian who is always ready to aid Sixth Form students.


Three full-time study supervisors are employed to supervise the two Sixth form study rooms to ensure an environment conducive to study is established and the school nurse is always available in the event of an illness.  The Sixth Form students also have their own reading room in which they can take study breaks and avail of the facilities for making tea and coffee and take time out to relax. The students also have access to their own kitchen complete with microwave, fridge, toaster and vending machines.

A strong pastoral care system is in place promoting the ethos of the school through Form teachers, and our Sixth Form Year Head. Independent counselling is also available from the Family Works Counsellor, Nuala Wymes, who is in school every Wednesday morning.


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