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Our school SENCo. is Mr Adrian Quinn.

He is responsible for the day to day operation of the schools SEN policy.

He attends and contributes to pastoral team meetings.

He is in charge of the co-ordination of SEN provision, including ensuring appropriate liaison with the various teachers who will teach any given child with special needs.

He respond to requests for advice from other teachers.

He established the SEN in-service training requirements of the staff, and contributes as appropriate to training.

He is continually in liaison with external agencies including Educational Psychology, Rathmore Guidance centre, Literacy Teaching and Support Service etc.

As Specialist Teacher, he has responsibility for in-school Diagnostic Testing (Masters Module in ‘Assessment and SEN’ and ‘Dyslexia and Literacy’)

He is in charge of developing and reviewing regularly appropriate education plans in accordance with the Code of Practice.

He maintains a register of SEN pupils and their stages.

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