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Learning Support Co- ordinator

The inclusive, child- centred environment of St. Louis Grammar School endeavours to provide and implement a variety of learning support measures to meet the needs of learners, including those with Special Educational Needs so that they can overcome barriers to learning. Special Educational Needs is a multi-faceted concept and within St. Louis the Learning Support Co-Ordinator will outline provision which will be implemented at a whole school level to meet the academic, physical, emotional and social needs of all pupils.


Learning Support within St. Louis provides the framework for the whole school to assume responsibility for inclusion matters and ensures accessibility to all areas of the curriculum. Students with Special Educational Needs are assisted in accessing the curriculum through whole class provision, in-class support and some withdrawal provision for both Literacy and Numeracy. Communication with students and parents/guardians is vital to assessing, monitoring and reviewing the progress of our students with additional needs.


Students with additional learning needs may also require access arrangements for internal and external examinations. The Learning Support Co-Ordinator and the Examinations Officer will work closely with class teachers to determine appropriate provision to ensure all students have equal opportunities when completing examinations.

The Learning Support Co-Ordinator will work closely with Learning Support assistants to deliver high quality SEN provision to enable all students to flourish.

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