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Gifted and Talented

St Louis Grammar School is committed to meeting the individual learning needs of all its students. This includes providing for those who are gifted or talented in a particular area. In addition we are committed to addressing any pastoral needs that might arise from a student being able, gifted or talented.

Within the field of Gifted and Talented education there are many terms used and yet no consensus as to the most appropriate term that should be used to define children and young people whose performance or potential performance is above that ordinarily expected of a child of a similar chronological age.

  • "Gifted” learners have been defined as those who have abilities in one or more subjects in the statutory school curriculum.  Their abilities would mean that these pupils achieve, or have the potential to achieve, at a level significantly in advance of their age related expectations.
  • As St Louis, we believe Gifted students are those who demonstrate a combination of the following characteristics:
    • Above average intelligence
    • Task commitment
    • Creativity
  • "Talented” learners have been identified as those who have abilities in art and design, music, PE, or performing arts such as dance and drama.

Educational provision for Gifted and Talented pupils is a combination of differentiation, enrichment, extension and acceleration that occurs as both in-class support and out-of-school support.

Some of the enrichment activities offered outside of class to our Gifted and Talented pupils:

Public Speaking competitions

  • BBC School Report
  • Generation Innovation
  • School productions
  • Maths Challenges
  • Sports residential
  • Oxford/Cambridge residential
  • Educational visits

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