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Coronavirus Information

The outbreak of coronavirus has had a massive impact on us, all both personally and professionally.

We have gathered and collated information from how to prevent the spread of the virus to how to protect your own mental health during lock-down and beyond.


Please avail of any information here and we hope it will help in some small way!

A word from Mr Rafferty

Preventing the spread

Online safety advice from the Education Authority

A link to talk about COVID-19 when schools are closed.

Wayne Denner's website that provides information on all things online which can be shared with parents.

The NSPCC are also offering tips for online safety and in particular social media. (NetAware)

ThinkUKnow Online Safety Packs

Childcare and the pandemic


How to recognise signs of poor mental health and provides self-help tips and ideas to improve your wellbeing. 

How you can look after your mental health during lockdown

Take 5 steps to well-being

Simple steps that we can implement into our lives that can make a big difference to our mental health

Looking after your mental health and well being throughout the pandemic

Coronavirus and mental health

Coronavirus and mental health for young people

Government guidance on supporting young people throughout the pandemic

NHS guidance on supporting young people throughout the pandemic

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