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Child Protection Officer

Mrs O'Neill is the designated teacher with specific responsibility for child protection.

Mr Rafferty and Mrs Toner are the deputy designated teachers.

The welfare of each pupil at St. Louis Grammar school is our paramount consideration.


When Mrs O'Neill becomes aware of a matter which may relate to child abuse she should:

(a) Seek further clarification, if necessary, from the pupil concerned;

(b) Take any notes made by the person reporting the matter and make her own detailed notes;

(c) Report the matter to Mr Rafferty and assist him in deciding whether or not to refer the matter to the Social Services and/or the Police; and

(d) Monitor and evaluate the case over time whether or not a referral is made.


Mrs O'Neill will keep a record of child protection matters, apart from those involving members of staff, volunteers or other personnel, the record of which will be kept by the Principal, and will assist the Principal in making a report to the Board of Governors in respect of them at least once a year.


No promise of confidentiality can or should ever be given where abuse is alleged.

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