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Year 8 Gifted and Talented Trip to W5

8 Sep 2015

On Monday 22nd June, 17 of our Year 8 pupils who have been identified as Gifted and Talented participated in an educational visit and workshop "Extreme Weather” at W5.  Pupils had time to enjoy the various attractions at W5, such as creating cartoons, editing photos, making magnets move, meeting and interacting with RoboThespian, who is a life sized, humanoid, interactive robot who can move, speak, educate, interact and entertain.  Pupils also enjoyed spending time in the Climbit maze/jungle gym. Pupils were able to broaden their knowledge of science and the world around us whilst exploring all of these attractions. 

Jack Galloway describes what pupils learnt about at the ‘Extreme Weather’ workshop: "We gained knowledge about parts of a hurricane and the specific conditions which are required for a hurricane to form. We also discussed the effects that hurricanes can have on towns and people.  Using a ipad, we had to track a hurricane and listen to weather reports to help us decide if the people on a nearby beach resort should evacuate of if it was safe to stay.  We also marked the co-ordinates of the hurricane on a map.  We listened to the weather forecast for five days, marking the co-ordinates on the map every day.  This helped us to make our decision – whether the people should stay on the resort or flee.  My partner and I decided that the people should flee – this was wise as the hurricane struck the beach resort in a short time after”.  

Pupils really enjoyed the visit and learnt a lot from the workshop – namely how hurricanes are formed, how they are tracked and the disastrous consequences they can have.  The visit and workshop gave pupils the opportunity to work in teams, use a range of state of the art equipment and to find out lots more about hurricanes than what they would in lessons. 



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