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Year 14 Mock Interviews

20 Jan 2017

The Careers department recognise the importance of preparing our pupils for the highly competitive world that lies ahead as best as possible. Many of our Year 14’s have applied to university with some opting for high demand courses. To give them a head start we teamed each year 14 with a professional in the course they have applied to and asked the professional to put them through their paces in an interview- typical of what they would face in reality. Afterwards all pupils received verbal and written feedback from their interviewer allowing them to learn from their experience. The pupils applying for a course in Architecture had a particularly realistic experience as their portfolio of work was critiqued at the interview- a valuable learning experience for all of the pupils involved. 

On the whole the evening was well received by all those taking part and hopefully gives out students the best chance of success in their upcoming university interviews for which we wish them all the best.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the interviewers from a vast variety of employment backgrounds for their help and invaluable feedback.


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