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Year 13 Business Studies attend Generation Innovation

21 Nov 2017

On Tuesday 14thNovember, ourselves and ten other AS Level Business Studies students attended an event called "Generation Innovation” which was organised by Catalyst Inc.  in the ECOS Centre, Ballymena.  The day consisted of various speakers and activities.  It involved working with others and really made us think!

When we arrived we were provided with refreshments before going into the lecture hall where we listened to speeches and stories told by a variety of people from different businesses.  The speakers were from innovative businesses which focus on upgrading technology for the future such as developing driverless cars and using drones for service transport, e.g. transporting and delivering medical supplies.  We were asked to make notes of the key points from the lecture which later proved useful when we later completed our task of delivering a four-minute pitch, summarising our thoughts and ideas regarding what technology will be like in 2030.  We were divided into groups and given time to discuss our ideas and to prepare our pitch.   

Following a delicious lunch provided for us by Catalyst, we came together and presented our pitch to students from students from other schools in the local area, including Cambridge House and Larne Grammar School, who were also participating in the event.  We focused on how future transport will help disadvantaged groups within our society.  A panel of speakers provided us with high quality feedback on what was good about our pitches/presentations and how they could be improved.

All of us thoroughly enjoyed the event.  Not only was it interesting and informative, but it also enabled us to gain and develop worthy thinking, analysis and communication skills as well as resilience.  We would be delighted to attend another event like this and highly recommend it to anyone gets the chance to participate.


By Siofra Patterson & Rachael O’Kane


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