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Year 13 BTEC Creagh Trip

21 Nov 2019

On October 24th the Business Studies BTEC department went on a trip to Creagh. We first arrived at The ELK, a building built by Creagh. There, we were given a two-hour long presentation by the Human Resources Director on information about Creagh where we wrote down notes in order to use in our Task B. They also provided us with a variety of scones and also offered tea and coffee. The presentation contained numerous important statistics that were relevant to our tasks. This helped us greatly as with accurate information we were able to successfully complete the tasks to their full potential.

After the presentation we were taken to the technical offices where we were given a tour of the facilities where Creagh’s design team worked. There the employees explained what they did in Creagh and showed us their 3D models of upcoming projects. They explained the process of making 3D models, also mentioning how it takes years to design a buildings construction to such a degree of detail. During this tour, we also met some of the founders of Creagh, who greeted us then spoke with their employees and the HR director.

After this, we left to go to Creagh’s Toome yard for a tour of the factory. I found this to be incredibly interesting as we were separated into groups and were lead on a tour around the different manufacturing sectors they had on site. They explained to us about how their products are made, and showed us the precast stairs and how they record the quality and serial number of the product. As we were given a tour, the employees explained their job and what is it they do. One of the managers had spoken to my group about their 3D design models they used and illustrated how they were given 2D structure for a part of the build. He then went onto explaining the dimensions of the product and the importance of constantly checking for accuracy with the size of the product in order for it to fit the build when the product is being used. for This showed to us the standards that Creagh maintains with their products, and also revealed how detailed their designs are.

After the tour we were taken back to the Elk, where they provided us lunch. The lunch was roast chicken, chips and pepper sauce. We then got a dessert which was chocolate cake with chocolate sauce that was paired with vanilla ice cream. Overall, the experience at Creagh was great and was an excellent opportunity to do primary research about Creagh to implement it into our task B.

Kaytlin Graham-Da Cruz



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