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Year 12 visit to PricewaterhouseCoopers

14 Oct 2015

In September, four Year 12 students had the opportunity to participate in the "Your Life” event organised at PWC in Belfast.  A mixture of students who have been identified as Gifted and Talented and those who are particularly interested in pursuing a STEM related career took advantage of this amazing opportunity. 

One student has recorded his account below:

My name is David and I am a student in Year 12. On Tuesday 15th September, I and 3 other students had the opportunity to visit the multinational professional services network PricewaterhouseCoopers in Belfast. The trip was organised in conjunction with ‘My Kinda Crowd’, and ‘Your Life’. The aim of the trip was to gain a better understanding of the advantages that studying Maths and Physics and A-Level can provide.                                            

Personally, I found the experience eye-opening. After receiving a warm welcome, we were split into groups and completed four challenging activities focused around the services provided by PwC. Taxes, Forensics, Assurance and Consulting were explained to us by PwC employees in a unique and engaging way that helped me to realise the importance of STEM subjects. After a delicious lunch and tour of the company, we completed a product development and manufacture task, before presenting our findings to the other schools present.

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, and realised the window of opportunity that studying STEM subjects opens. Preference from top employers, higher pay scales and development of a number of invaluable skills were just some of the plethora of things mentioned during the Q and A session. I learned the importance of communication and teamwork as well as developing new skills to maximise my efficiency and productivity. I now realise the significance STEM subjects really have!



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