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University Roadshow

16 Oct 2019

Over recent years, we at St. Louis have noticed there is a growing amount of concern among pupils and parents with regards to the completion for places in Northern Ireland Universities and the increasing grade requirements. 

The Careers department addressed this need by inviting in the University Roadshow (UR) with the idea of providing students in Year 13 & 14 and those with up to date information about the wide variety of third level opportunities available to them throughout the England, Scotland, Wales, ROI and Europe.

The UR gave a presentation on the application processes and then followed with a careers exhibition with university representatives present.  The presentation introduced the students to the university roadshow and covered key areas such as:

· Applying to university.

· The UCAS Application system.

· The CAO application system for entry into the Republic of Ireland’s universities.

· Applying to universities in Europe.

· Key areas in finance such as fees, loans, grants and scholarships available when studying in UK & EU.

The Careers department had a lot of positive feedback about the event and as a result we now have more informed decision makers in sixth form. 


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