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Tremendous GCSE Results!

31 Aug 2018

Once again, the students and staff of St Louis Grammar are celebrating a fantastic set of GCSE results. Almost 100% of students achieved an outstanding 7 or more GCSEs at A*-C grades. St Louis’ students continue to excel significantly above the national average and these results reflect St Louis’ credentials as the top Grammar School in Northern Ireland.


This year’s cohort once again saw a strong increase in students achieving straight A*/A grades across a range of subjects, outlining the high expectations and challenging targets for all students. Remarkably, over 52% of all entries achieved A*-A grades and over 87% were awarded A*-B grades. In addition, 45 students attained 8A grades or better.


Every Year 12 student enjoyed their own success story on results day but special recognition must be given to the top achievers. Evanna Woodside received a phenomenal 11A*. Ruairi McAleese attained 10A* and his twin sister, Laura not to be outdone with 7A* and 3A. Furthermore, Dylan Magill also received an incredible 10A*, while John Higgins and Rebecca McDonald each earned 9A* and 1A.


Principal, Mr Rafferty, congratulated students, "This exceptional performance is the culmination of their hard work and commitment, along with the dedication and expertise of their teachers and support from their families. It is evident that students have grasped every opportunity our school has offered them and this has enabled them to achieve at the highest levels. We are immensely proud of Year 12, especially when the extraordinary breadth of their extra curricular achievements is also taken into consideration. Undoubtedly, students will be feeling inspired to continue to pursue their future aspirations following their wonderful individual performances at GCSE as the vast majority return to study A Levels at St Louis Grammar.”


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