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St. Louis’ Reading Partnership

28 Jan 2019

The English department and school library are delighted that throughout Term 2, all of Year 8 and 10 will be involved in a Reading Partnership Programme, developed by Queens University, Belfast.  Year 10 pupils will be paired with a Year 8 pupil and over the course of 10 weeks will participate in paired reading, acting as a tutor, questioning and guiding; with both pupils developing their love of and skills in reading.  As well as improving literacy standards, the aim of this programme is to improve pupils’ confidence in reading, develop their critical understanding and improve engagement with a variety of different texts, and allow pupils’ creativity to grow by making new connections and being open to new ideas.

The benefits of peer tutoring, for both tutor and tutee, are extensive, including: increased attainment, enhanced motivation, better developed communication skills and enhanced teamwork skills.  We look forward to facilitating this programme and observing the range of skills developed in our pupils.




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