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6 Mar 2018

As a school community, we were absolutely delighted with our academic outcomes last year.  With such a large and vibrant Sixth Form it is always a cause for celebration when so many students can have the opportunity to achieve so highly at ‘A’ Level stage 96.5% A* - C / 88% A* - B grades.  These are simply phenomenal outcomes and richly deserved.  In the competitive world we inhabit, the need for confident, articulate and independent thinkers has never been higher but having top class qualifications goes a long way to ensuring career aspirations can be attained.  We are proud of our students and all they have achieved.


Over the recent number of years, St Louis has established itself as a top achieving school but this only happens by hard work; focus; supportive tracking of progress and a passionate teaching staff.  Obviously we acknowledge our achievements of this year, but are keen to point out that every student is a successful one if they put in the effort and commitment required.


As a school community, from Governor and staff to parents, to students, we are so proud of these cohorts of students at both GCSE/GCE and hope we can replicate next year with the same outcomes.  We value each student personally and know that in a few years those students will have significant contributions to make to our society and community.  We look forward to consolidating our position as a top performing school as we continually grow and develop our curriculum and links with both the business and community world.


Sean Rafferty


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