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St Louis Network Event

8 Mar 2019

On March 5th, 2019, seven of my fellow classmates and I travelled to Dublin for a St Louis networking event. We started our day by going to school at 7:30 am, and began our journey, arriving at the Plaza hotel in Dublin at 10:30 am. Upon arrival we were greeted with tea and biscuits, until all the participating schools had arrived.


Once all 10 schools, from different parts of Ireland, some travelling from Mayo and Monaghan, had arrived, we began the interesting presentation of our topic, Plastic. While in groups we were given different presentations by many people, explaining how plastic affects our lives and things we could do to help our environment. The presentations we were given were extremely eye-opening, as I learned many things about Ireland that I had not known before. I learned that Ireland is one of the worst countries in Europe for recycling and we as a country produce 300 million tonnes of plastic a year, with 8 million tonnes being dumped in to our oceans and seas.


After the presentations, we completed various tasks. One of them was to place items like bananas, teabags, mobile phones and many other items we would use, and sort them in to order of how long each takes to be recycled and to decomposed completely, with a teabag taking 6 weeks to decompose and a mobile phone taking nearly 1000 years to fully decompose.


After these tasks, I became aware that a piece of plastic that I may have used 10 years ago could still be here on our planet and that made me begin to wonder where it could be and the effects that our careless use of plastic actually has on our world.


After all the tasks and presentations were done, we were given a delicious, hot meal by the Plaza Hotel and soon after, we began our descent back to school, arriving at 6:00 pm. As a class we began to think of ways our own school could reduce the use of plastic and how we could help our environment. The day was definitely interesting and extremely captivating, and I now wish to help our oceans, seas and environment with the new knowledge I have now obtained.


Caoimhe McAuley, Year 12



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