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SLG - A perfect score!

7 Feb 2020


For the first time EVER a Northern Irish school has achieved a ‘perfect score’!


We are proud to announce our first place in the Irish News League tables with a score of 100% A* - C grade at A level.


To say we as a school are delighted with last year's public examination results would be an understatement! The whole St Louis Grammar School community is thrilled and the outstanding results really reflect both the positivity and the spirit of teamwork that we encourage at all times inside the classroom and beyond. As a school, we pride ourselves on ensuring our students gain successful outcomes at GCSE/GCE and this year once again we have surpassed those internal challenging targets with the 100 per cent figure. To have every student in sixth form leave St Louis with an exceptionally strong academic profile is a really huge advantage for them whether students decide to pursue high demand courses at university or follow the higher national apprenticeship route. While this year's results have been magnificent, we are also aware that over the last number of years SLG has been a top performing school in NI and that these results from our students merely consolidate our achievements of the past as well.   Consistently outstanding academic outcomes such as these, over a number of years are the combination of engaged students, deep curriculum planning, high quality learning and teaching experiences for students, rigorous tracking of student progress, supportive parents and of course a superb teaching staff. As a school we are constantly monitoring and evaluating all aspects of curriculum delivery including engaging with our students regularly to ensure our students are not only achieving highly, but are both happy and enjoying their learning too. – Mr Rafferty


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