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Pope John Paul II Award

21 Nov 2019

Pope John Paul II Award 

Completion Day (Friday 8th November) 

The Pope John Paul II award is a volunteering award offered to pupils in Y13. This award encourages you to get involved, and give back to, your parish and the wider community.  We have now been working towards the completion of our Pope John Paul II Award for the last 13 months and on Friday 8th November, a small group of students along with Miss Ferris (our award leader) travelled to the Living Youth Centre in Belfast for the final write up of the award. Here we met with over 100 pupils from other schools who were on the same Pope John Paul II Award journey. To complete the award, each of us had to volunteer within our local parish for 20 weeks, and volunteer in our school/local community for 20 weeks.

There were 7 students in our group; including myself, Emer McAtamney, Rebecca McDonald, Brenda McGuigan, Tara Murphy, Marcella Kelly and Callum Grant. Each of us completed a variety of different activities within both our parish, such as helping with the GIFT programme, Children’s Liturgy and singing in the choir. As well as this, we were required to volunteer in our local communities/schools and this ranged from raising money for Friends for Romania, taking part in the annual shoebox appeal, helping with school events and going on pilgrimages to Lourdes. Living Youth also have programmes that young people can get involved in which count towards activities, such as their summer pilgrimages and Youth Alpha programme. I would definitely recommend the Pope John Paul II Award to any Year 13s who are interested in strengthening their faith and taking part in volunteering this year too!

At the completion day on Friday 8th November we considered everything we have done and discussed how it has impacted and changed our lives in both big and small ways. This was a day of reflection and I feel like we all came away feeling very positive and encouraged. We finished the day with a group photo in the Grotto at St Mary’s Church in Belfast.

We are all looking forward to the presentation and celebration event that takes place in the new year. Overall, it was an incredible day and the Pope John Paul ii Award just been a great opportunity for us to get involved in!

Leah Barker U6-1




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