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Peter McVerry Trust

15 Oct 2018

Peter McVerry Trust is a charity organisation based in Dublin and for the last thirty-five years, Peter McVerry Trust has been offering services to the homeless across Ireland such as rehousing, career support and addiction services. Their aim is to move people out of hostels and into accommodation, and help them to re-attain their place within society.


On the 10th of October, twenty Lower and Upper Sixth pupils, alongside Mrs Fullerton and Mr Heffron, were given the opportunity to attend the Lighthouse Cinema in Dublin to attend the inaugural PMVT event to commemorate World Homeless Day. This also provided the representatives from the St. Louis Student Outreach Group – Action for the Homeless, develop links with the trust and become enlightened upon their aims and objectives with their School Engagement and Education program. We participated in activities, listened to talks and watched testimonials from those who have/ still are receiving support from Peter McVerry Trust.


The trip has provided us with lots of knowledge on the current statistics of homeless people across Ireland and what we as a school can do in order to help our local community. We have our first fundraiser coming up on the 26th October a Sponsored Sleep-Out, which entails our Student Outreach Group sleeping outside the school in order to develop some sense of solidarity with those living on the streets.


By Ellie Barry


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