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N.I. Schools’ Debate Final

2 May 2017

On Friday evening, 28thApril, our debate team were invited to the prestigious N.I. Schools’ Debate Final to receive their prize for making it to the Semi-Final and also to watch Anna McLaughlin debate in the Best Individual Speakers’ Round. The Final, usually in the chambers at Stormont, was held in the beautiful Elmwood building at Queen’s University Belfast. Anna was up against tough competition from notoriously successful schools at debating such as I.N.S.T, B.R.A and Bangor Grammar. The motion of the debate was ‘This house rejects the phrase generation snowflake.’ Anna debated excellently and with the poise she has progressively gained all year. When it came to the final adjudication (the panel being made up of many elite political figures such as Lord Dunlop from the House of Lords) all contenders were praised for their mature intellect, public speaking skills and wit. Although unsuccessful at that time a surprise came when the announcement was made that this year’s Team of the Year Award went to Anna and Ruairi Carland for their consistent showcasing of the true spirit of the competition throughout the year!! This is the furthest St. Louis’ Debate Team has come in the competition and long may it last; a well-deserved feat!



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