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Livestock and Meat Commission

11 Nov 2019

Mrs Elizabeth Brown from the LMC visited ST. Louis Grammar School to demonstrate to the Year 11 Home Economic Students how to cook recipes with meat and talk about Farm Quality Assurance.


Mrs Brown started the demonstration by explaining about the Livestock and Meat Commission and the role it plays in our meat supply.  She said it was developed to give consumers assurances about the meat products they were eating.  They only work with the beef and lamb farmers who have to comply with 83 standards covering all aspects of farming before they can become Farm Quality Assured. This shocked us as 83 standards is a lot to meet but it shows that the quality of this food is going to be very good and safe to eat.


Mrs Brown then cooked two dishes, one with lamb and one with beef which were both farm quality assured.  The lamb recipe was lamb, baby boiled potatoes, some herbs, vegetable and crème fraiche as a sauce at the end.  This dish was nice but personally I preferred the beef dish which was a beef stir fry.  The ingredients for this was beef strips, grated carrot, courgettes, some pak choi and herbs.  Chilli was added to give some heat, honey for sweetness, soy sauce and rice wine vinegar which gave the stir fry a lovely flavour.  This was then served with boiled rice.


I really enjoyed tasting these dishes and watching an amazing cook like Mrs Brown demonstrate to us how to cook these recipes. I would definitely like for them to come back and show us more recipes using Farm Quality Assured food.


Shannon Bryson.



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