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Junk Kouture Grand Final

2 May 2017

On Thursday 27thApril Mrs McAuley and Dr O’Reilly took a supporters’ bus to Dublin for the Grand Final of Junk Kouture, 2017. Sandra Janik’s dress ‘No Strings Attached’ and Odhran Logan’s ‘War Machine’ had made it through to the Final…what an achievement!! Supporters included Year 10, 11 and 14 Art & Design pupils who were hugely excited about the trip.

They were not disappointed! Not only were the competitors’ performances outstanding but also on stage were extraordinary dance troupe XOD and up-and-coming Irish band ‘Seo Linn’. We were also treated to superb performances of Irish Dancing by Show Dancers, Lara Magee and Colum Higgins and Modern Dance from Dayl Cronin and Ksenia Zsikhotska…watch out for them in the future as they were all truly outstanding.

The highlights of the night were undoubtedly Odhran and Catherine’s performances, but coming close seconds were our very own Louis Walsh and Una Healy who were two of the judges for the night. I do believe Louis took a shine to us, especially when we told him we were from ‘St. Louis’ in Ballymena…got him thinking…!! Mrs McAuley got the first high-five from him to the consternation of security!!

When Odhran and Catherine made their appearances we certainly raised the roof with our support…they are such a credit to our school and their teacher, Mrs McDonald…it was wonderful to be there to cheer them on. When it came to the actual judging stages we were wracked with nerves…the standard of the Final was so high that any one of the competitors could win. Odhran, Catherine and their teams put on their best performances yet and should all be very proud of what they have achieved.

On the day ‘No Strings Attached’ won the ‘Glamour’ award…the dress, her performance, hair and make-up were all immaculate and she was a very deserving winner. We raised the roof again!! It was so exciting and quite emotional…our school has never won a prize at this level before so this is tremendous achievement. Catherine will now be progressing to the Royal Film Premiere in London for the ‘Red-Carpet’ treatment…and rightly so.

To cap the whole experience, the ‘No Strings Attached’ team were invited for a TV interview with Ireland AM on Satuday morning. Despite the 9.30am start the girls were again looking immaculate and Sandra spoke brilliantly, giving a fabulous account of themselves…I think they could get used to all this media attention.


Huge congratulations must go to:

Odhran Logan, Reed Millar and Liam O’Connel: ‘War Machine’ Team

Sandra Janik, Catherine Lennon and Ciara McGilligan: ‘No Strings Attached’ and Mrs McDonald, Head of Art & Design.




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