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GL Asessment Update

27 Apr 2020
PPTC 2020-21 Update


PPTC has been working closely with its Entrance Assessment provider, GL Assessment, to find ways to best support pupils who will transfer to post-primary schools in 2021 and their parents. Discussions have centred on three main areas:


1 Delaying the Assessment Date

We are working to establish if the Entrance Assessment can be delayed from mid-November 2020. This would provide all pupils with valuable additional P7 time before being assessed.


2 Delaying and extending the Registration Period

We are looking at delaying the start date for parents to register their children to sit the Entrance Assessment from mid-May to provide more time before registration decisions need to be made. We are also looking at extending the Registration deadline from mid-September 2020 to provide additional registration time when pupils are in P7.


3 Making the Entrance Assessment as accessible as possible for pupils

We are exploring different ways to take account of the current disruption to pupils’ schooling, in order to help them achieve their full potential when sitting the Entrance Assessment.



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