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Express Yourself!

8 Feb 2021

The English Department ran a poetry competition under the theme of ‘Express Yourself’ as part of Children’s Mental Health week. 

Below are the winning entries – each pupil receives a £10 Waterstones evoucher. Well done to all involved!

Express yourself - James Flanagan (Year 11)

A fakeness, a fondness for artificial smiles, 

Every word, every thought poisoned by guile. 

 A darkness, a solitude the throat under lock and key, 

Steady streams from the eyes set to run free. 


Understanding and control decimated by inconsolability, 

A consciousness, feelings, all the greatest villain, the captor of me. 

My sorrowed head rests upon a pillow sullied by a thousand laments of nothing 

A brain decimating the heart, slaying all thoughts of discussion. 


When the fine morning sun adventures above the horizon, 

The birds bellow their songs above the great colossal trees, 

You could almost swear the world was in perfect serenity, 

Yet chaos and internal malice reign over feelings once free. 


Nervous systems more systemically nervous and anxious, 

If contentedness were a planet it must be hoisted by a failing atlas, 

My very thoughts just trojans ready to decay from inside, 

Because every day we can at least say we tried. 


Masks by Caoimhe Pettard 10 Lisbreen 


A mask covers more than just your face, 

No matter what kind it may be. 

It could cover your lips, your chin, your nose, 

Or the inside that no one can see. 


Not all masks are visible, 

Not all masks keep your loved ones well. 

There’s a different kind of deceiving shield 

That makes emotions hard to tell. 


A cheery smile that reaches your eyes 

Lets other people know you’re okay. 

But behind doors, when your space is yours, 

The truth comes out to play. 


The problem is with these ‘silly masks’ 

Is that no one truly knows how to act. 

The world has changed, humanity has evolved, 

There is no right way to react. 


Every feeling your mask may be covering 

Is valid, you’re not alone. 

As long as you take care of your mind, 

Your mind will take care of its own. 


We are all struggling in our own way, 

But this time will inevitably pass. 

So stay safe, take care of your mind 

And only wear the healthy kind of mask. 


 Express Yourself - Ellie Brown (Year 9)


The silence and darkness that swarm the streets

Seem to shout louder than anyone willing to compete

As we enter another chapter in isolation

We all feel the same, we are all in this situation

The emptiness spreads throughout our bodies

And we are filled with all of our dread and our worries.


This time, however, there is a difference

A glimmer of hope, signs of significance

Yes, we are locked up inside

But please try and focus on the upside

Flowers of hope are growing in the concrete gardens

As a vaccine has been found, soon we are done.


So yes, at times, it may seem hard

That all fun aspects of life have been ripped away without regard

Realise that you may never have to do this again

And there truly is a yellow brick road ahead.



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