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Careers Resource Area Opens

2 Oct 2014

Last year Charlie Henry and James Logan competed and won the Invest Northern Ireland's 2013 Step ‘N' Zones Competition, with a business idea for football boots with deployable studs.


The competition was held during Global Entrepreneurship Week (18-22 November 2013) and attracted over 1,300 pupils from 40 schools across Northern Ireland. Charlie and James won £1000 for the school and were asked what they would like to spend it on.


Both pupils asked for the money to be put into the Careers department, creating a facility for pupils to independently research at their leisure.

Work started over the summer months and the Careers Resource Area is now a fully functional, bookable room, complete with ICT access. Mrs McAllister welcomes and encourages pupils from all year groups to use the facility in order to assist with their personal career plan.


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