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British Education Awards

24 Feb 2017

Congratulations to Aisling Laverty who was shortlisted as one of only four students in Northern Ireland for The British Education Awards (BEA).

The BEA have been established to promote excellence in British education. This award recognises the value and importance of education and learning as the foundation to a good quality of life and for future success.

The BEA identifies and celebrates individuals who have excelled within our education system. In doing so, this aware acknowledges that success comes down to personal endeavour and application.

Aisling was a worthy recipient of this award as she has achieved outstanding results at both GCSE and A2 level. She achieved eight A* grades and two A grades at GCSE and continued to achieve an A* and two A grades at A2 level.

In addition to her academic ability she has outstanding leadership skills demonstrated by her role as deputy head girl. She was on the school’s Gifted and Talented register for STEM and is also creative and expressive evidence by her outstanding ability in Drama and lead role in several productions.

More importantly, Aisling was an honest, hardworking student who availed of and appreciated all of the opportunities provided by the school. She has excellent attendance and punctuality. She always used her talents in a positive way to help others through volunteering and was always respectful towards her peers and teachers. These strong moral values coupled with excellent academic ability are what made Aisling stand out. She is an exemplary student and an exemplary student and an excellent ambassador for this award and St Louis Grammar School.

Aisling and her family accompanied by Mrs O’Neill (Vice Principal) attended a Gala Awards Ceremony on 30th January 2017 in the Grand Connaught Rooms, Great Queens Street, London where Aisling was recognised for her achievements.


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