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Book Fair 2018

5 Mar 2018

Scholastic Book Fair is a wonderful reading event held in St. Louis library on an annual basis for everyone to enjoy and to develop a life-long love of reading.

The Book Fair has over 200 top children's titles from over fifty publishers, carefully chosen to reflect all tastes and abilities. With books starting from only £2.99 plus exclusive titles that you won't see in the shops or at any other fairs, there's sure to be a book for everyone!

Our school benefits from a Scholastic Book Fair too! Every book sold at your Fair can help to get free books for our school library.



Year 8 winners

Joint 1st – Cara Killough – 8 Lisbreen

                  Rachael O’Brien – 8 Lismoyle

2nd – Ethan Dudley – 8 Lisbreen

3rd – Emma Dixon – 8 Layde





Year 9 winners

1st – Helen Donaldson – 9 Lisbreen

2nd – Callum Graham – 9 Lyndon

3rd – Cliodhna McCamphill – 9 Lyndon





Year 10 winners

1st – Annie O’Kane – 10 Laragh

2nd – James Higgins – 10 Lisbreen

3rd – Amy McIlhatton – 10 Lurig



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