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Recommendations - Year 8 Girls

AUTHOR                                                                        TITLE

Horowitz, Anthony                                                        Alex Rider series

Jobling, Chris                                                           Max Helsing – Monster Hunter

Kinney, Jeff                                                  Diary of a Wimpy Kid – The Getaway

Landy, Derek                                                          Skulduggery Pleasant series

McNab, Andy                                                                      Boy Soldier

McNally, John                                                                     Infinity Drake

Mitchell, Jane                                                          A Dangerous Crossing

Morpurgo, Michael                                                   An Eagle in the Snow

Moss, Miriam                                                                   Girl on a Plane

O’Dowd, Chris                                                               Moone Boy series

Oppel, Kenneth                                                                   The Boundless

Palacio, R.J                                                                                Wonder

Riordan, Rick                                                                 The Hidden Oracle

Roy, Carter                                                                      The Blood Guard

Rundell, Katherine                                                             The Explorer

Kate Saunders                                             Five Children on the Western Front

Siggins, Gerard                                                             Rugby Spirit series

Solomons, David                                                    My Brother is a Superhero

Stroud, Jonathan                                                        Lockwood & Co series

Thompson, Lisa                                                                  The Light Jar

Walden, Mark                                                                     H.I.V.E SERIES

Walliams, David                                                                    Bad Dad

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