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Recommendations - Year 8 Girls

    AUTHOR                                                             TITLE

Barclay, Linwood                                                                   Chase

Benjamin, Ali                                                           The thing about Jellyfish

Carroll, Lewis                                                 Alice‚Äôs Adventure in Wonderland

Cassidy, Cathy                                                                  Broken Heart Club

Cross, Gillian                                                                  After Tomorrow

Crossan, Sarah                                                               Apple and Rain

Dashner, James                                                      The Maze Runner Series

Dennis, Helen                                                             River of Ink : Genesis

Dhami, Narinder                                                                   13 Hours

Doyle, Roddy                                                             A Greyhound of a Girl

Foster, Stewart                                                              The Bubble Boy

Frank, Anne                                                             The Diary of a Young Girl

Funke, Cornelia                                                                    Inkheart

Harrison, Michelle                                                   The Thirteen Treasures

Hartnett, Sonya                                                      The Children of the King

Hitchcock, Fleur                                                       Murder in Midwinter

Ibbotson, Eva                                                          Journey to the River Sea


AUTHOR                                                                        TITLE

McKenzie, Sophie                                                              Girl Missing series

Morpurgo, Michael                                                       An Eagle in the Snow

Moss, Miriam                                                                     Girl on a Plane

Namioka, Lensey                                                    Ties that bind, ties that break

Palacio, R.J                                                                                        Wonder

Riordan, Rick                                                                       The Hidden Oracle

Philbrick, Rodman                                                 Who Killed Darius Drake?

Rundell, Katherine                                                                  The Explorer

Saunders, Kate                                            Five Children on the Western Front

Schloss, Eva                                                                              The Promise

Smale, Holly                                                                             Geek Girl Series

Solomons, David                                                        My Brother is a Superhero

Stevens, Robin                                                             Murder Most Unladylike series

Stroud, Jonathan                                                           Lockwood & Co series

Thompson, Lisa                                                                    The Light Jar

Walliams, David                                                  The Beast of Buckingham Palace

Webb, Holly                                                             The Princess and the Suffragette

Westcott, Rebecca                                                             Dandelion Clocks

Williamson, Lara                                                                 A Boy called Hope

Wilson, Jacqueline                                                                 Rose Rivers

Yen Mah, Adeline                                                               The Chinese Cinderella

Yousafzai, Malala                                                                   I am Malala                                                                               


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