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On 18th October Year 8 were given the opportunity to attend a creative writing workshop with local author Bernie McGill in our school library!


‘The thing I found most enjoyable was getting to answer the questions about the picture we were given and getting to use my imagination.’

Eimear White – 8 Lurig


‘I learned that if you include more interesting words or phrases then you will keep the reader interested.’

Daniel Patterson – 8 Lurig


‘I enjoyed when we looked at the pictures and gave our own opinions on the characters. I also enjoyed when Bernie gave us the start of the sentence and we had to finish it!’

Conor Bresnahan – 8 Layde


‘I found the sentence structure task very enjoyable because it let my imagination run wild!’

Anton Doherty – 8 Layde


‘I found out that you have to get in to your characters’ deepest darkest secrets to make them more relatable to the reader.’

Katie Cassidy – 8 Layde


‘The creative writing workshop definitely helped me with structuring my story for my CM1 for English.’

Noah Friel – 8 Layde



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