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‘I thought Ashley McCook was really funny and I found her workshop very enjoyable and interesting.’

Maeve McAuley - 8 Lismoyle


‘Ashley was funny, informative and she gave us a lot of good advice about how to complete our first CM task.’

Kevin O’Boyle - 8 Lismoyle


‘I learned that brainstorming is very helpful so that you can create a good theme for your book or piece of writing.’

Anna Barry – 8 Lisbreen


‘I found it particularly enjoyable when the author made funny jokes and when we made our story with the story cubes at the end of the workshop.’

Helen Donaldson – 8 Lisbreen


‘This workshop was a great help for our CM task. Ashley told us to include our feelings and emotions and to always revise and edit our work!’

Erin Donnelly McAuley – 8 Laragh


‘I liked when we were able to ask Ashley questions about her books. I love writing and she gave me very useful tips.’

Anna Larkin – 8 Laragh











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