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The Physical Education Department offers a wide and varied programme of extra curricular activities.  PE staff co-ordinate the extra curricular programme and with the assistance of numerous other staff in St Louis, pupils are welcome to enjoy an extensive programme of opportunities. 




·         NEBSSA and Ulster Competitions



·         Ulster Colleges Competitions – all age groups

·         All Star trials (Senior Age group)


Cross Country

·         NEBSSA, District and Ulster Competitions for all Year groups



·         Year 8 and 9 girls – Contemporary and expressive dance after school programme which uses different types of dance such as modern, ballet and jazz.


Fitness Suite

·         Available to all pupils after school

·         Wednesday = female only day


Gaelic Football

·         Ulster Colleges Competitions

·         All Star trials (Senior Age group)

·         QUB Future Stars trials (Year 12)



·         NEBSSA Competition



·         Open to all male and female pupils

·         3 handball walls in Sports Hall

·         Inter schools competitions



·         After schools coaching

·         Ulster Colleges Competitions – all Year groups

·         All Star trials (Senior Age group)


Ladies Gaelic

·         Ulster College’s Competitions – all age groups

·         All Star trials (Senior Age group)



·         NEBSSA/development blitzes for Junior male pupils



·         Mid Antrim Cup competitions as well as NI Cup for specific age groups



·         In association with Ulster Schools, pupils can compete in gala’s for their specific age group/category.


Table Tennis

·         After school coaching

·         Tournaments throughout the year




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