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Mini Enterprise

Year 12 Mini – Enterprise

The aims of the mini- enterprise to gain a sense of understanding for the roles of different people working in business, to consider the challenges, demands and constraints involved when trying to run a business and to work effectively in a team to product a quality end product.

From the start of every year, a group of enterprising Year 12 students meet weekly (Tuesday) with Miss. McCann to create innovative ideas for products.  Once we establish a product idea that everyone is proud of, we then spend the following weeks researching and developing this product to make sure that it would sell to the target market. 

We will use our business knowledge throughout the entire process: for example: all the different aspects of production, stakeholders, business aims and definitely marketing.   Everyone applies for a certain position within the enterprise; for example: finance director.

The group will develop several successful ideas throughout the year and will continually try to improve them.  This enterprise is a really enjoyable experience and we would love for more people to join to share their creative ideas.   Mini - Enterprise is great at helping to build your confidence through selling to the public, it also gives you the opportunity to work with people you wouldn’t normally work with.  The students at the start of the year decide as a group if they want to share all the profit amongst all the shareholders or donate all or some to charity, 

We encourage you to join in on the fun! 

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