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IFS Student Investor Challenge

Forty eight sixth form students in St Louis who study Business Studies, Applied Business Studies and Economics are participating in the IFS Student Investor Challenge this year.  The IFS Student Investor Challenge is a game which consists of online trading – students work in teams to invest a virtual £100,000 on the Stock Exchange between 13th October 2014 and 30th January 2015.

The challenge gives students the opportunity to develop their knowledge of trading shares and the Stock Exchange as well as various companies and the current economic climate.  Teams are encouraged to discuss which companies they would like to invest in and why.  Participating in the challenge means that students have access to information about various companies to help them make the best investment decisions.  Using virtual cash means that students are gaining the experience of trading shares, making profits and losses without real life stress. Students have the opportunity to win a top prize which is a trip to New York!  Monthly prizes are also available for the most improved team. 

Teams comprise of four members.  At present, St Louis have twelve teams participating in the Challenge.  Currently, the winning team within St Louis by a considerable amount is The Wolves of Church Street.  In second place is the Bitcoin Babes, who are followed closely by St Louis Risk.  Time is of the essence however, and team positions are constantly changing, as is the Stock Market.  To remain competitive and to make a profitable portfolio, teams must ensure that they are attentive at all times. 

We would like to wish all of our teams good luck for the challenge.  If any students are interested and have not yet registered, they still have the opportunity do so.  See Miss P. McCann if you are a student who may be interested in participating.  Some of the teams involved are as follows:

Team Name: Advantage

Team members:

Sarah McLarnon, Erníne Darragh, Sophie McLaughlin & Therese McKinley

Team Name: St Louis Risk

Team members:

Shannon Heffron, Rebecca Dixon, Sophie Davis & Kate O'Donnell


Team Name: The Wolves of Church Street

Team members:

Rían Patterson, Matthew McCaw, Niall Shannon & Philip McGreevy


Team Name: The Bitcoin Babes

Team members:

Emma Devlin, Matthew Sullivan, Cathan Gormley & Bobby Clarke


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