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Compass Bank

School Bank Challenge

The School Bank Challenge entails 6 Sixth Form students forming their own fully functioning bank in St. Louis. Working closely with staff from First Trust Bank, six Year 13 students are appointed to a specific role to which they applied for and are interviewed by members of the First Trust Bank and the Business Studies department. Students are required to fill out an application form and to attend an interview where they were asked questions regarding the skills/qualities they could bring to the bank, their problem solving skills, why they should be selected, how they work independently and within a team and their experiences in dealing with conflict. The students are responsible for sourcing new customers, opening accounts to encourage regular savings and exploring new ways to bank, such as online banking. In order to participate, students are expected to create a business plan and to make a presentation about their bank, which are be judged by First Trust Bank managers. The challenge encourages students to develop effective communication, organisational and team working skills as well as giving them a sound understanding of the financial business world. In 2014 The school bank – Compass Bank came 2nd place in Northern Ireland and won £750 for the school!

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