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GCE Sociology

Sociology is a modern, up-to-date subject which offers pupils the ability to study a range of issues that affect society – for example, changes in family structure, gender differences in educational achievement, crime and punishment and changes in religiosity and spirituality. 


This year Sociology has changed from modular to a linear. AS Sociology has been decoupled from A-Level.  This means that AS Sociology is now a stand-alone qualification – AS results no longer count towards the A Level.

If you are studying Sociology at St Louis, you will sit the AS examination at the end of Year 13.  If you decide to continue with Sociology for A Level, it is important that you know that your AS grade will not contribute towards your A Level grade.  There are several benefits of sitting the AS however:

  • You will be more focused throughout Year 13 as well as Year 14.

  • The AS grade awarded will give an indication of your ability for A-Level  - if you do not perform well in your AS level you will have the opportunity to drop the subject rather than carrying it on for another year and perhaps attaining a poor grade at A Level.

  • The AS grade will enable you to decide on a university courses more realistically.

  • Although the AS grade does not contribute to A Level it still warrants UCAS points.

  • The AS grade will provide universities with an indication of your level of ability – with university places becoming increasingly competitive it is essential that you do everything you can to ensure that you achieve a place in the course you want to study.

AS Sociology:

  • Paper 1: Education with Methods in Context

  • Paper 2: Research methods and Topics in Sociology (Families & Households)

Each paper is 1 and ½ hour long and contributes 50% of AS Level.  

*Your results in these papers will not affect your A Level grade.

A2 Sociology

  • Paper 1: Education with Theory and Methods

  • Paper 2: Topics in Sociology

  • Paper 3: Crime & Deviance with Theory and Methods

Each paper is 2 hours long and contributes 33.3% towards your A Level qualification.


Exams will require you to answer essay style questions. It is important that you demonstrate an ability to write well and that you can apply knowledge, analyse and evaluate information effectively. 

CURRENT YEAR 14 (2015-16)

AS Sociology is worth half of your A2 Sociology grade. This year, you will be studying the following two modules:

    • SCLY 3 – Beliefs in Society

    • SCLY 4 – Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods

  • Examination only – no coursework



Length of Exam

Weighting towards A-Level Grade


1hour 30 min



2 hours



The AS grade you have achieved contributes 50% towards you’re A Level grade.


The course is designed to assist you in developing a range of essential skills that will prove invaluable in today’s working environment.  For instance, you will be taught to interpret, apply and evaluate various sociological perspectives and make informed and responsible judgements based on this knowledge and understanding. Below are some chosen careers of sociology students:

  • Social Worker

  • Barrister

  • Psychologist

  • Teacher

  • Researcher

Studying Sociology will help you to develop a range of skills, such as team-working, communication, analysis and evaluation. 

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