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The History department is a well-established department within St Louis, with a long standing tradition of excellent results and enthusiastic students.  Within the department, there are several key aims:

  • To deliver historical content effectively through active learning and appropriate strategies.

  • To develop the whole pupil, giving them awareness of ‘bigger’ issues through history.

  • To make judgements about the past, evaluating source material with perception and skill.

  • To involve pupils in wider historical debate, external competitions and the opportunity to participate in school trips.


In Year 8 we study the Normans and the Romans. Pupils get a grasp of some of the most basic concepts in History such as cause, consequence, empathy and bias.

InYear 9 we study the Northern Ireland conflict and politics including the origins of the Troubles and how our current political climate is ever-evolving. Pupils discuss contentious issues in a structured, educational framework which allows our young people to have a good grasp of our own troubled past and indeed our bright future.

In Year 10 we study 20th century world events which often results in enjoyable lessons on topical themes, before moving to Ireland in the 19th century.  Pupils feel capable working individually and with others, using all of their personal skills and capabilities to enhance their learning experience.

GCSE History includes a study of Nazi Germany and Northern Ireland during World War Two in Year 11. Pupils sit their Unit 1 exam, worth 60%, at the end of the year.  An in-depth study of International relations from 1945 to 2003 is the focus of Year 12 and the Unit 2 exam is worth the remaining 40%.  Understanding the content of each component is made easier with the appropriate use of ICT and bespoke revision booklets.  Effective revision strategies, exam technique and past paper practice are both key elements of the study of History at this level.

A Level offers pupils an opportunity to broaden their knowledge on important topics such as the relations between the USA and the USSR in the 20th century and more importantly an in-depth study of Ireland’s most important years in the development of Irish independence 1900-1925.  AS History offers pupils an insight into the Germany 1919-45 and additionally Russia 1914-41.  Pupils develop their communication and analytical skills in the study of key historical events.  Success rate in A Level has always been exceptionally high and thoroughly enjoyed by all who choose it. 

Modules studied at A level

AS Level

AS 1: Historical Investigations and Interpretations

Option 5: Germany 1919-45



AS 2: Historical Conflict and Change 

Option 5: Russia 1914-41

A2 Level


A2 1: Change Over Time

Option 5: Clash of Ideologies in Europe 1900-2000

A2 2: Historical Investigations and Interpretations  

Option 4: Partition of Ireland 1900-25


Members of the Department:

-Mrs D. Johnston

-Mrs E. Doherty

-Mrs D. Ruddy

-Mrs J. Doherty

-Mr C. Morgan

-Ms M. Mulligan (Head of Department)




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