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The French Department in St Louis is an active department and we enjoy a high rate of success in external examinations. 


Approximately one third of our students continue their study of French in Years 11 and 12 to GCSE level.


The aims of the French department are:

  • to develop the ability to use French in everyday situations through the communication skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing;
  • to develop an awareness of the nature of language and an enjoyment of language learning;
  • to stimulate an interest in the culture and civilisation of France and French-speaking countries;
  • to develop an awareness in the pupil of his identity within Europe and to encourage a respect for other European cultures and traditions;
  • to ensure a high level of academic achievement to equip the pupil for a future career.

We have two educational visits to France:

Paris – This is a trip for Years 11 and/or 12 and it runs every two years.  Pupils have the opportunity to visit this beautiful city and to see all the major attractions on offer there.  They have the opportunity to experience French culture and to use their French in real-life situations.  They have some language tasks to complete during the visit.



Nice/Strasbourg/Lyon – This is an annual language trip offered annually exclusively for pupils who are studying French at AS or A2 Level.  We stay in one of these major cities where pupils carry out a range of language-based activities and attend French classes every day.



There are 4 teachers in the French department – Ms M O’Kane (Head of Department), Mrs J Fleming, Mrs R Wilson and Mrs F McAteer.  We also have a language assistant, Dominique, who works with our pupils in the senior school to improve their language skills in a more informal setting.  All our staff members are committed to achieving  the highest of standards and to making language learning an enjoyable and rewarding experience.



Of those pupils taking 'A' Level French the majority proceed to University, entering a wide range of disciplines including the degree courses of French with Law, French with Accountancy, French with Business, as well as traditional courses in French Language and Literature.

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