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Below are useful links useful to CEIAG.
Current vacancies within NI, Nationally abd globally in all sectors. Information on job roles, qualifications required, salrary etc.
Real time information on a wide range of careers with many videos of workers describing their jobs.
Skills matchmaker to a wide range of careers. You indicate your skills on a number of sliding bars and the site suggests careers that might be right for you.
The Northern Ireland Careers Service provides advice and guidance to young people about their future career possibilities. This site, as part of NI-Direct, gives information about the service.
Within the accountancy and financial services sector, this site gives up to date job profiles and information on employers.
Within the IT sector, this site gives up to date job and company profiles as well as possible progression routes to a job in IT.
This site allows you to explore job profiles and career information in the National Health Service.
This site provides case studies and information about careers in the food and drink industries- mostly in GB but also covering Northern Ireland.
Run by W5 at the Odyssey, this site explores opportunities for study and jobs within Science and Engineering in NI.
A guide that provides information on current study trends and what local employers are looking for. The "Careers" tab takes you to information about career prospects based on university subjects studied.,,
The websites for South Eastern Regional College, Northern Regional College and Belfast Metropolitan College providing information on the many programmes of study offered.
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An Introduction To CEIAG.

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