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Year 8-12 Employability Programme of Study

The programme of Study for Employability compliments and supports the Careers curriculum and begins in year 8. Please peruse what we intend your child to study within Employability lessons.


Year 8 Employability



Learning outcome

Lesson 1

Employability skills

·         Employability skills, qualities and values that are important in the workplace

·         Be able to describe my different employability skills, qualities and attitudes

Lesson 2


·         Know the importance of communication skills in the workplace

·         Understand that teachers will continually try to develop your communication skills

Lesson 3

Problem solving

·         Know how important it is to be able to solve problems

·         Understand why employers value solving problem abilities

Lesson 4

Who is enterprising?

·         Understand what an enterprising person is

Lesson 5

Keep on going

·         Define and understand what perseverance mean

·         Understand that perseverance is important in the workplace

Lesson 6

Reasonable risk

·         Understand what is meant by a risk

·         Know what it means to take a calculated risk

·         Understand why and how enterprising people take risks

Lesson 7

Our town

·         Awareness of some of the different businesses/services in Ballymena

·         Know what is meant by the public service

·         Understand that location is factor when starting up a business

Lesson 8

Employment challenge: News Line

·         Know what is meant by a job description.

·         Know what is meant by the term "life-style”

·         Understand the affect a job has on a life-style

Lesson 9

Employment challenge: Sam’s Snacks

·         Know that employers have to deal with many issues in the workplace

·         Be able to give examples of these issues




Year 9



Learning outcome

Lesson 1

Understanding employment sectors

·         Know that work can be categorised by sectors

·         Be able to recognise some employment sectors and identify some jobs within those sectors

Lesson 2

Jobs within an employment sector

·         Identify the different jobs that relate to a particular job sector

·         Describe a range of jobs you were previously familiar and unfamiliar with

Lesson 3

Skills needed for employment

·         Recall the seven key employability skills

Lesson 4

Different types of entrepreneurs

·         Identify different types of entrepreneurs

·         Identify the qualities and skills that make people enterprising

Lesson 5

Changing Careers

·         Understand that a career may not be for life

·         Be aware that there are pros and cons to changing a career

Lesson 6

Our Community Needs

·         Understand that organisations are important for our community

·         Be aware that large firms can have both a positive and negative impact on the community

Lesson 7

Protecting our environment

·         Understand that it is important to protect our environment


Year 10



Learning outcome

Lesson 1


·         Know what qualifications are and what they mean

·         Understand the qualification ladder

Lesson 2

The New Employment Sector

·         Learn about the changes in employment in different job sectors over the years

·         Know where to source job advertisements.

Lesson 3

Keeping up with the Trends

·         Understand the changing employment trends.

Lesson 4

Working Patterns and Times

·         Understand how to complete an assessment based on success criteria

·         Learning about the different employers in the local area.


Year 11 Employability



Learning Outcome

Lesson 1

Globalisation in NI

·         Define the term Globalisation

·         Know the advantages of importing and exporting on NI

·         Explain why globalisation could be a hindrance to local companies

Lesson 2

Employability patterns

·         Understand how employment patterns within the UK have changed

·         Know main employment sectors in Northern Ireland

·         Anaylse, interpret and compare data between 1920 and today

Lesson 3

Emigration and Immigration on NI

·         Learn the difference between immigration and emigration

·         Know the advantages and disadvantages of immigration

·         Understand reasons as to why people emigrate

Lesson 4

The Growth of new technologies

·         Understand how the growth of new technologies affects employment patterns

·         Awareness that many of the technologies we use have brought to use through the process of Globalisation

·         Awareness of some jobs that will be available in 2020

Lesson 5

Lifelong learning

·         Know what is meant by Life Long Learning

·         Understand why Life Long Learning is important

·         Value the need for Life Long Learning throughout my life

Lesson 6


·         Learn what is meant by "teamwork”

·         Awareness of the skills needed for teamwork

·         Know the advantages and disadvantages of integrating teamwork into the workplace

·         Appreciate the need for a good team leader

Lesson 7

Rights and responsibilities of employers

·         Know about the rights and responsibilities employers and employees have towards each other

·         Awareness of the laws regarding the rights of the employee

Lesson 8

Trade Unions

·         Learn what a trade union is

·         Understand why employees would join a trade union

·         Awareness of some of the major UK trade unions

·         Understand the different types of industrial action



Year 12 Employability



Learning Outcome

Lesson 1

Social Awareness of Business

·         Understand what is meant by being socially aware

·         Know the issues that surround social awareness

·         Be aware why businesses should be concerned with environmental issue

Lesson 2

Business and climate change

·         Understand that climate change affects businesses

·         Awareness of some ways the climate can have a damaging effect on businesses

Lesson 3

Inner city renewal

·         Understand what is meant by the term "Inner City Renewal”

·         Be aware of an example of "Inner City Renewal”

·         know how "Inner City Renewal” affects employment

Lesson 4


·         Learn what is meant by self-employment

·         Be aware of some famous entrepreneurs

·         Understand the importance of branding

Lesson 5

Financing self-employment

·         Learn where entrepreneurs can find money for a business

·         Be aware of the skills and qualities needed to be a successful entrepreneur.

·         Understand that there are advantages and disadvantages to being self-employed.

Lesson 6

Support for self-employment

·         Learn about the different agencies that have been set up to help the self-employed.

·         Be aware of a local business that benefited from a government run agency.


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